R72 TERMO R72 TERMO is a new system with special thermal insulation. The system is suitable for windows, doors and glass walls. R72 TERMO is compatible with other Nokian Profiles aluminium building systems. It enables easy structural solutions and the thermal properties of R72 TERMO are excellent. Gaskets do not reduce the aperture and they are continuous around corners. R72 TERMO allows bendable structures.

R72 TERMO system is suitable for solid, well insulated inward and outward opening doors and double doors as well as sliding doors. The electric locks are easy to cable. Double and triple glazing is possible.

R72 TERMO system is suitable for inward and outward opening windows, sliding windows for terraces and patios, structural glazing windows (SG windows) and double windows without middle frame. Double and triple glazing is possible and so are windows with concealed hinges.
Thermally insulated windows and doors
R54 R54 The design work is aimed at achieving a result whose tightness, ease of installation and thermal insulation capabilities that can meet today's high and challenging standards.

The system frame is primarily built using a lap joint technique, where the transverse frame profile is lapped over the upright frame profile. The R54 system profiles have channels for draining off possible condensate water from the rebates. A security chamber has been moulded in the upright profile, which forms levels on the frame profiles through which no screws or brackets pass. The resulting bi-level structure has clearly separated dry and wet sides. An end-to-end joint technique can also be used in the R54 system; in this case, transverse frame profiles are used.

The inner and outer gaskets in the R54 system have two hardnesses: the gasket corners are made of softer, cellular EPDM rubber, and the actual gasket is made of EPDM rubber, which ensures tightness. There are two types of outer gaskets, horizontal and vertical. The width of the outer gaskets is 50 mm. Where they cross, the outer gaskets lap over each other, and thus form a solid and continuous sealing at the crossing points. The gaskets do not obstruct the light hole at all.

The material thicknesses and other properties of the thermal breaks have been designed to achieve the best thermal insulation performance possible.

The architraves are the same as those used in the R53 system, which means that all architraves in the R53 system are included in the R54 system selection as such. Separate support profiles are used for glass support, which transmit the dead load of the glass to the transverse frame.

The thermic properties of the new R54 system are well- suited to the cold Northern conditions. In computer modelling, the average U value of a 3K4-15 window (size 1200 mm x 1200 mm) using R54 frames was 1.19 W/m²K.

The R54 system also includes glass facades without mouldings R54SG, where the glass panes are attached mechanically at the ends of the insulation glass elements. The system allows building the glazing as a four-sided construction which has no mouldings at all, or a two-sided construction which has either vertical or horizontal mouldings.

The R54 system can also be used in light ceilings if there is no need for outer condensate channels. The system includes solutions for glass walls with alternating angles, like curved facades designed using a fraction line. The R54 profiles with alternating angles enable free angle changes of 0°-10° in a wall.
Glass facades—Product pass
R53 Vertex R53 VERTEX R53 VERTEX system has been designed to fulfil the toughest requirements for glass roofs. Thanks to its well-developed sealing and roof drainage system, the heat insulation of R53 VERTEX roof sections is just as good as in the facade sections and they are just as watertight. The glass roofs can be glazed with single, double or triple glazing. The system includes special details for pyramid and barrel vault constructions and complete modules for ventilators and smoke vents.

Light Roofs
R65 BULLET PROOF R65 BULLET PROOF R65 BULLET PROOF is a solid aluminium, bullet-proof structure developed from the R65 system, which includes fixed facades and opening windows and doors. Typical applications are facades and partition walls for banks and other public buildings. The structure, which can stop a rifle bullet, has been granted a GOSTROI certificate.

The sections are available in insulated and non-insulated form. All machining can be carried out with normal aluminium-working machines. The structure uses standard connectors fixed with cramps or screws.
Bullet Proof structures
R12 LINEA 12 LINEA is a strong but slender aluminium architectural system that can be used for partition walls and balcony wind-break glazing. LINEA is based on the R12 system so that the majority of the R12 sections are compatible with it. If required, 90° and 135° corners can be constructed using sections from the R12 system. Occasionally it may be necessary to use wider structural sections from the R12 range. Most of the glazing beads are common to both systems.

The LINEA system can be used to construct single-glazed partition walls and can accommodate hinged or sliding doors and fully-glazed doors. The structural sections in the LINEA system are only 36 mm wide and are available in two different depths. Glazing beads are press-fitted into grooves in the frame and need no fixing screws. R12 LINEA can be used for non-insulated wind-breaks, either full-height floor-to-ceiling, or from top of balcony rail to ceiling.
Partitions and wind walls
R12 R12 is a non-insulated aluminium construction for glass partitions and entrance lobbies. Detachable central glazing beads can be used for glazing, or sections with fixed external glazing beads.

Partition Walls

The 46 mm deep R12 system is suitable for constructing partition walls up to normal storey height. As well as straight frame sections the system also includes 135° and 90° corner sections. The system can be used to construct sliding walls, or it can accommodate hinged or sliding doors that can be fitted with explosive panic bolts. Besides ordinary glass walls, the R12 system is ideal for shopfront construction in shopping.
Un-insulated doors and partitions
R28 FILIA R28 FILIA is a strong, lightweight aluminium architectural system for internal glass walls and sliding glass doors. The FILIA system is designed for single glazing in 5 mm or 6 mm glass and is assembled around the glass using screw fixings to form independent glazing units. In a fixed wall the units are installed one after another to form a wall of the required length. Sliding doors are in the form of separate units ready for installation, complete with the required sections at head and jambs for joining to the partition wall. Fixed fanlights can be added to Filia sliding doors to make up the overall glazing height. Partition and sliding door
LOCK The Lock ceiling system is based on extruded aluminium profiles. There are profiles of different size and shape. You have more than 40 different alternatives, which all fit to the same stringer type. The shape and type of profiles can be changed within the system. By combining different profile types the architectonic details of the ceiling can be emphasized and vivified. The profiles can be detached and clipped back on again without tools. So altering of the appearance of the ceiling either by changing the profile size or colour is easy and quick. Ceiling system -Prochure
We import the Lilli Systems glass holding system
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